I (Benji) have a sort of complex. I  have to be a diligent reader. I have to read a lot, and more than most people around me. I feel like it’s part of my job as a school librarian, (I can’t really recommend what I haven’t read) but mostly at this point, it’s part of who I am. I don’t really want to get too deep into it, but anyways, I felt kind of bad for not getting Holes reread with Jake, so to make up for it, I put the ukelele down for an evening, and devoured one of the shorter Newbery winners The Cat Who Went to Heaven, in one sitting. So, tonight, you get two servings of Newbery Pie, even if you’re not really craving it.

The Cat Who Went to Heaven did something pretty interesting. It wove a decently interesting biography of Buddah into a not-at-all interesting story about an artist painting Buddah’s death for the local temple. There were some good points, but it wasn’t really that exiting of a book. My favorite part was the end. The cat randomly drops dead from joy when the author paints him into the picture, even though he wasn’t supposed to. I just sat there thinking. “So, yeah. That really just happened. The cat just dropped over dead.” It was great.

Most Newbery travelers will be relieved to have a sixty page book after some of the doozies from the 20’s. I for one, was relieved to read a book by an American that treated a foreign culture with respect and interest. For that reason, I give it three Newbery Pies instead of the two it probably deserves.