Wow. The 1940’s ended really strong,at least when it came to the Newbery Award winners. 21 Balloons in 1948 and then this one in 1949.

When I saw that the next Newbery winner on the list was another horse book, I kind of panicked a little bit. I did not have a pleasant time with Smoky the Cow Horse. Fortunately, King of the Wind is everything Smoky isn’t.  It isn’t incredibly racist. It’s concise and well-written, the author doesn’t weigh us down with pages and pages of useless horse trivia.  In short, it’s very good. When I pictured reading through all of the Newberys in my head, this was the kind of book I was imagining myself reading, charming little gems that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise because I hadn’t really heard of them. I could actually see some of my students, who are really into horses reading this one.

I give it 4 out of 5 Newbery Pies