I was impressed with this book. I came into it expecting to dislike it. I already knew that I like Krumgold’s style from Onion John, but, I mean how can a book about a shepherd  family be that exciting? Honestly, though, there wasn’t a moment of the book that I really didn’t like. I totally got Miguel’s desire to grow up fast and to be a part of the annual trip to the mountains. I was entertained by his constant scheming to achieve his dream. Things went well somedays, but somedays everything fell apart, like when he fell into the wool bag, and was too embarrassed to call out for help. When he got his wish, and it cost his family something big, it lead to some really big questions about the nature of life, wishes and the futility of trying to plan out your future. I love it when a kid’s book gets really deep, and this book did so at the perfect moment, right at the end, so that it leaves you thinking.

I give it 4 out of 5 Newbery Pies