You may ask yourself, how did Newbery Pie come to be?

Well, here is the story.

Jake and I were good friends, and we were both very interested in Children’s books. Jake is an English teacher and I (at the time) was a school librarian. We found that every year, we couldn’t wait for the end of January when the Newbery Award would be given to the most distinguished books in Children’s literature. After the award was given, we would either rave about the new book or complain about the dummies on the committee. Eventually we asked ourselves, how many of the past Newbery winners had we actually read? The answer was a few, but not as many as we would have liked.

So, we decided that we would read them all. We would both read each book, and write a review of it, and eventually we would be able to say that we had read them all. We hope you like our reviews, but mostly we want you to read the books as well, and leave us your comments, whether you liked or disliked the books, whether you agreed or disagreed with our reviews, that sort of thing. We will post roughly about every two weeks. It’s a journey, and we hope to pick up some readers/discussers on the way.